Time for a Glögi!

Finnish winter can be dark and cold. When you need something to warm you up, we got the remedy! Take a cup of Glögi, the traditional Finnish mulled wine with the best flavors of winter. Glögi can be served as red or white , with or without alcohol. Our Glögi is served in traditional way with almonds, raisins and gingerbread!

Red Glögi 4.00€
White Glögi 4.00€
+ almonds, raisins, and gingerbread

Glögi from juice 3€

Spiked Glögi:
-from red or white wine

Koskenkorva 2cl + Glögi 6.50€
Amaretto 2cl + Glögi 6,50€
Jaloviina 2cl + Glögi 6,50€
Red wine 8cl + Glögi 8.00€
White wine 8cl + Glögi 8.00€

Or choose another spirit for your Glögi!