Mayday Brunch 33€ 1.5.19

We welcome you to have a pleasant Mayday with us!

Backyard Pick’s Mayday Brunch on wednesday 1.5.2019

Adults 33€ / pax incl. 12 cl Dom Potier Cava (alcohol free sparkling also included) and children 1-7Y 1€/year and 7-12Y half price 16,50€ (incl. apple juice)
Settings from 12 to 14 and 15 to 17
Bookings: or tel 010 205 32 17


Cold table:

Tomato and mozzarella salad (VL+G)
Sesam and soy marinated green salad and honey roasted sunflower seeds (M+incl. glutein)
Horseradish and potato salad (L+G+VS)
Waldorfs salad (M+G+incl. nuts)
Marinated red onion (M+G+VE)
Honeyroasted artichoke (M+G)
Marinated olives (M+G+VE)
Sundried tomato with spinach (M+G+VE)
Balsamico-mushrooms (M+G+VE)
Honey melon (M+G+VE)
Paprikahummus (M+G+VE+VS)
Chili-tunasandwich (L)
Curry-coriander chicken(M+G+VS)
Smoked salmon (M+G)

Warm table:

Bacon and onion stuffed beef rolls (L+G)
Patatas bravas -potatoes (M+G+VE)
The house sausage selection (M+G+VS) dijon-parmesan mustard (L+G)
Vegetable bean croquettes (M+G+VE) aioli (M+G+VE+VS)
Vegetable tacos with spicy marinated tiger prawns (M+G) pico de gallo -salsa (M+G+VE+VS)
Melanzane alla parmigiana (VL+G)
Salami-mozzarellapizza (VL+VS)

Bread table:

The house Focaccia and ciabattaa (M)
Feta spread with sundried tomatoes (VL+G)
Cream cheese with herbs(L+G)
Butter (M+G)


Cream puffs
Self made Mayday donuts
Mojito mousse (L+G)
the house selection of cheese, bisquits and grapes
Coffee, tea and self made sima mead

Recommended drinks:

Jug of Sangria 25€
Bottle of sparkling wine: Dom Potier Cava Brut 30€
Beronia Verdejo, (DO Rueda, Spain) 28€
Beronia Crianza, (DOC Rioja, Spain) 28€