🌿🐣 Backyards Easter brunch on saturday 20.4.2019! 🐣🌿

Brunch is served at 12-16 on offer 19,50€ (kids under 12y. ½ price). 🥐🍓🥗🍰🥂
Glass of sparkling wine (12cl) 5€ or 30€/bottle and Suomenlinna panimo Seth Lager and Wit beers 6,50€/0,33l.

🐥Be fast and book table for you: ravintola@backyardpick.fi

🐥Salomonkatu 1, 00100 Helsinki
P. 010 205 32 17

-Mini tuna sandwich with curry (L)
-Vine leave rolls (M+G+VE) orange tzatziki (L+G)
-Marinated feta cheese cubes (VL+G)
– Caviart stuffed egg halves (L+G)
– Artichoke wedges with syrup and herb marinated olives (M+G)
-Green salad with peach and roasted cashew nuts (M+G+VE+inc. nuts)
and herb oil (M+G+VE)
-Avocado and mango caesar salad with fresh chili (M+G+VE+inc. nuts)

-Creamy spinach soup (L+G)

-The house focaccia, warm bread with garlic butter, croissants and rosala bread
-Butter and Backyard’s herb-seed spread
-Batatas bravas ginger salt (M+G+VS+VE)
-Pulled pork tacos with caramel, cola and pomelo salsa (M+G)
-Chimichurri marinated chicken fillets (M+G+VS)
-Green asparagus rummo pasta with onion (L)
-Vegan nuggets (M+G+VE) spiracha mayo (M+G+VE)
-Eggplant and quinoa rolls (M+G+VE)
refreshing pea hummus (M+G+VE+VS)
-The house salami pizza slices

-Mango-cheesecake (VL)
-Kinder-swiss roll (VL)
-Fresh fruit salad (M+G+VE) lime foam (L+G)

(L= Lactose free, VL=Low in lactose, G=Gluten free, VE=Vegan, VS=contains garlic, M=dairy free)