We are open!
We have opened a lovely brand new restaurant at Salomonkatu 1, next to Narinkkatori and Amos Rex. Get ready for relaxed backyard athmosphere and a terrace at the center of the city.
You are warmly welcome to enjoy Backyard Pick’s sparkling athmosphere, and fresh drinks! 🍾

Backyard Pick Á la Carte
Weekdays 15-22  Saturdays 12-22

Backyard Pick’s evenings are made of fresh platters, treats from the grill, pizza and much more!

Enjoy it all in a homey backyard spirit. And don’t forget the salad bar!

Flame wood, one for starters, many to share

Classic 8,20€
Warm crispy flame bread with bacon, red onion and cheese

Salmon 8,50€
Warm crispy flame bread with cold smoked salmon, dill, arugula and cheese

Reindeer 8,80€
Warm crispy flame bread with cold smoked reindeer and breadcheese

Vegetarian 8,20€
Warm crispy flame bread with beetroot, brie and spinach 


Butterfly plate12 € / person
Serrano, manchego, half dry cherry tomatoes, ginger patatas bravas, chili meatballs, mojo sauce, aioli

The Sun (vegan) 10 € / person
Vegan nuggets, cucumber, carrot, sweet pepper, dried cherry tomatoes, olives, vegetable croquet, lime-ginger stripe, chipotle mayonnaise.

Hedgehog  12 € / person
Olives, artichoke, halloumi, sun-dried tomatoes, chorizo, ginger patatas bravas,mojo sauce, aioli.

Birdie, 13,50 € / person
Chicken fillet, crunchy chicken, onion rings, roasted kale, fresh pineapple, dipper potatoes with garlic oil, ranch mayonnaise, mojo sauce

Early birdie platter 14-16, 10,50€ / person
Special platter of the day during the Early Birdie hours


Bread table 2,50€ / for a side order,  only bread table 7,50€
days selection of breads (3-4 different), days selection of pastes/spreads (3-4 different) 




All portions available without garlic!

Crispy BBQ pork belly (L+G+VS)  19,50€
Country style potatoes with garlic butter, the house coleslaw salad and caramelized borettanes

Fire Birdie (L+G+VS) 18,50€
Chicken breast stuffed with chili and cream cheese with garlic butter dipper potatoes.

Backyard burger of your choice:
beef, chicken or vegetarian patty 19,00€
Brioche bun, pear chutney, bacon, mix of three cheeses, ranch-mayonnaise, garlic butter dipper potatoes and mojo dip.
Vegan burger also available.

House fish & chips (M+VS) 20,00€
Mushy peas, the house tartarsauce, country style garlic butter fries and a lemon wedge.

Pizza rustic or rye crust of your choosing

Salami, fresh spinach, mozzarella 14,20€

Serrano ham, sun dry tomatoes, basil 14,80€

Fresh tomatoes, backyard pesto, arugula 13,50€

Vegan chicken, pineapple, fresh spinach  (vegan) 14,20€

Cold smoked salmon, onion, dill, skågen paste 15,50€

Pork belly, pear chutney 14,20€

Chicken, goatcheese, BBQ-sauce 14,20€

Grilled vegetables, Baba ganoush, arugula 13,50€


Flamewood sweets

Warm crispy flame bread with apple, pecan and vanilla sauce (VL) 8,50€

Warm crispy flame bread with green marmalade and brie cheese (VL) 8,50€

Warm crispy flame bread with strawberry, pistachio and vanilla sauce (VL) 8,50€

Other sweets:

Blackcurrant posset (L+G) 6,50€

Warm apple pie with vanilla ice cream and vanilla sauce (L+G) 7,50€

Flower field platter (VL)  8,50€ manchego, warm camembert, port salud (åland), strawberry, fig, grapes, ritz, jam
The house jam; redcurrant or blackcurrant.

Kids menu

Chicken fillet BBQ and french fries 10€

Fish&chips 10€

Kids Meatballs, mashed potatoes, creamy gravy 10€

Kids hamburger, french fries 12€
Also available with cheese (VL+G)

Backyard Pick lunch 10,40€
Weekdays 10:30 – 14:00

Charming buffetlunch includes three warm options, salad table and a dessert.

At least one warm vegan option every day!

Monday 25.3.2019

Butter fried zander in smooth white wine and saffron sauce (L+G) rice with spring onion (M+G+VE)
Chili and meatballs pasta with tomato and basil (L+G)
Melanzane alla parmigiana VL+G+VS)
Roasted swede and carrot with maple syrup (M+G+VE)
Snickers mousse and coffee/ tea

Tuesday 26.3.2019

Fried beef fillets in red wine and herb sauce (M+G) roasted potatoes with paprika (M+G)
Salmon pasta with lime (L) parmesan (VL)
Chickpea and vegetable fry-up (M+G+VE) whole grain rice (M+G+VE)
Homemade carrot pancakes (L) sweetened lingonberry (M+G+VE)
Ham and sweet pepper pizza (VL)
Pannacotta with oven baked apple (VL) and coffee/ tea

Wednesday 27.3.2019

DIY Lucifer Burger
Beef patties (M+G) jalapeno and gochujang jam (M+G+VE+VS)
Romesco sauce (M+G+VE+VS) bacon crumb (M+G) and french fries (M+G)
Chicken and rice noodle wok with sweet chili (M+G+VS)
Homemade chickpea and vegetable patties (M+G+VE) fried vegetables (M+G+VE)
Mushroom and asparagus pasta with lemon and cherry tomatoes (M+VE)
Chicken and blue cheese pizza (VL)
White chocolate and lime quark (L+G) and coffee/ tea

Thursday 28.3.2019

Traditional pea soup (M+G) and onion
Backyard’s cheese filled beef patties in dark onion sauce (VL+G) creamy garlic potatoes (L+G+VS)
DIY tortillas (M) BBQ pulled pork (L+G) tofu and beans fry-up (M+G+VE) herb mayonnaise (M+G+VE) salsa (M+G+VE)
Nepalese vegetable fry-up (M+G+VE) fried rice (M+G)
Pan cake (L) the house strawberry jam (M+G) vanilla mousse (L+G) and coffee/ tea

Friday 29.3.2019

Breaded pork steaks (L) mashed potatoes with mustard (L+G) lemon wedges
Creamy chicken and spinach pasta (L) parmesan chips (VL+G)
Thai vegetables with massaman curry (M+G+VE+VS+nuts)
Pulled oats and cabbage casserole (M+G+VE) lingonberry jam
Juicy carrot cake (L) and coffee/ tea

Backyard Pick Salad bar 11,50€

Mon-Fri 9.30-21.30

Sat 12.00-21.30

Pick your own salad from a wide selection of tasty options. Begin from the fresh base and finish your salad with a warm treat. On lunchtime salad bar also includes a dessert!

Breakfast 8,90€
Weekdays 7:30-10:00

Good morning!
Backyard Pick’s breakfast table is stacked with fresh fruit and vegetables, bread, tasty pastes, cheeses and cutlets, sweet pancakes and tasty jams with granola, oatmeal, cereal and a lot more. The perfect breakfast is naturally enjoyed with fresh coffee or tea, and redcurrant or blackcurrant juice!


Hangin out with friends, backyard athmosphere and fresh drinks from the right ingredients.

See you at the bar!

From the tap

Easy Jack IPA 4,5% 7€/0,5l, 6€/0,4l, 3€/0,2l
Veltins Pils 4,8% 6,5€/0,5l, 5,5€/0,4l. 2,8€/0,2l
Fuller´s London Pride 4,1% 7€/0,5l, 6€/0,4l, 3€/0,2l
Magners Original Irish Cider 4,5% 7€/0,5l, 6€/0,4l, 3€/0,2l


Orginal Gin 5,5% 0,33l 6,5€
Crowmoor 0,33l 6,5€

Suomenlinna brewery

Piper White 0,33l 4,7% 8€
Seth Lager 0,33l 4,7% 8€
Hki Porter 0,33l 5,6% 8€

Alcohol free

Tomarchio 37cl 3,2€ Blood orange, Orange, Green mandarine, Lemonade, Cedrata lemonade.
Belvoir 250ml 5€ Organic elderflower, Organic ginger, Organic lemon drink
Coca-cola 250ml 2,3€  Coca-Cola and Coca-Cola Zero
Fanta Orange 250ml 2,3€
Redbull 250ml 4,0€
Bundaberg ginger beer 375ml 4,5€
Veen Nordic 200ml 3,0€ Tonic, Ginger Ale, Bitter Lemon
Italian soda 2,50€ Mango, Raspberry, Blackcurrant, Redcurrant, Lime, or Orange
Water as an only purchase 0,5€
Coffee 2,2€
Tea 2,20€
Latte 4€
Cappuccino 3,8€
Americano 3,5€
Espresso 3€
Double espresso 4€
Hot chocolate 3,80€


Sparkling wine

Dom Potier Cava Brut
30€/bottle, 5,0€/12cl

Vilarnau Rose Delicat Organic

Vilarnau Cava Brut Piccolo
8€ /20cl      

White wine

Kleine Rust White
28€/bottle,  6,5€/12cl, 7,5€/16cl, 9,5€/24cl

Solanera Sauvignon blanc
 22 €/bottle, 5,0€/12cl, 7,0€/16cl, 9,0€/24cl

Spier Discover Medium Sweet
30€/bottle, 7,5€/12cl, 8,7€/16cl, 10,5€/24cl

Willm Riesling
36 €/bottle, 8,0€/12cl, 10€/16cl, 13,0€/24cl 

Rosé wine

Chispas Rosade
22€/bottle, 5,0€/12cl, 7,0€/16cl, 9,0€/24cl

Rose Hasen
28€/bottle, 6,5€/12cl, 7,5€/16cl, 9,5€/24cl

Red wine

Kleine Rust Red
28€/bottle, 6,5€/12cl, 7,5€/16cl, 9,5€/24cl

Solanera Cabernet Sauvignon
22€/bottle, 5,0€/12cl,  7,0€/16cl, 9,5€/24cl

Spier Discover Red
 30€/bottle, 7,5€/12cl, 8,5€/16cl, 10,5€/24cl

Marqué de Murrieta Reserva2013
53 €/bottle

Backyard Pick Drinks

Sparkling Cloud 10€
Sparkling wine 12cl, cloudberry 4cl, tonic

Backyard Jacuzzi 12€
Peach vodka 4cl, rosewine 12cl, limejuice, Tomarchio Green mandarine lemonade

Blue Elderflower 8,50€
Blueberryliquer 4cl, elderflowersoda, mintleaf, ice

Backyard Damage-Cranberry 8,00€
Cranberryjuice, cranberryliquire 2cl, Koskenkorva 2cl, Cranberry

Redcurrantmojito 8,50€
Rhum 4cl, crushed ice, lime, mint leafs, sodawater, sugar

Cranberry Moctail 6€
Cranberryjuic, iced cranberry

Blood orange Moctail 6€

Tomarchio Blood orange lemonade with Belvoir lemonsoda and ice

Address and opening times

Salomonkatu 1
00100 Helsinki

Mo-Fri 7:30-22:00 (the kitchen closes at 21:30)
Sat 12:00-22:00 (the kitchen closes at 21:30)


Tel. 010 2053217

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