Backyard Pick is fresh platters, treats from the grill, pizza, backyard athmosphere and drinks from real fresh incredients, sunny terrace next to Amos Rex at Kamppi and a charming lunch on weekdays.

We’ll see you on Backyard Pick!


Backyard Pick Á la Carte
From Tuesday to Friday 15-21.30,  Saturdays 15-21:30

Backyard Pick’s evenings are made of fresh platters, treats from the grill, pizza and much more!

Enjoy it all in a homey backyard spirit!

One for starter, many to share

Classic (VL) 8,20€
Warm flamebread with bacon, red onion and cheese

Salmon (VL) 8,50€
Warm flamebread with warm smoked salmon, dill, arugula and cheese

Kasari (M+VS) 7,50€/13,50€
Juicy tigerprawns in garlic and chili, aioli and garlic bread

Nachos plate (VL+G) 10€
Chicken kebab with tomato sauce, broad beans,mango-honey melon salsa,
jalopenos, cheddarsauce and Sriracha

Olives (M+VE+VS) 4€
Garlic bread with sundried tomatoes


Butterfly plate (L+G+VS) 12 € / person
Salami-Milano, manchego-cheese, marinated olives, chorizo sausage,
lime patatas bravas and sriracha dip.

The Sun (M+G+VE+VS) 10 € / person
The house beetroot falafel, sweet chili-pineapple, marinated olives,
antipasto vegetables, countrypotatoes and aioli.

Hedgehog (VL+G+VS) 12 € / person
Scampi skewer, artichoke, grilled goat cheese, salad mix with sunflower seeds, vine leaf roll,
patatas bravas and tzatziki.

Birdie 13,50 € / person
Chicken Two-ways, sweet potato tahini stick, salad mix with sunflower seeds, vine leaf roll,
sundried tomato, countrypotatoes, tzatziki- and Sriracha dip.

Early Birdie from 2pm till 4pm, 10,50€/person
Platter of the day with special price from 2pm till 4pm

Pasta and Salads

The house caesar (L+VS+Incl. fish with Bacon 6€/11€
with Tiger prawn or with Grilled chicken fillet 9€/16,50€

Country style salad (M+G) 15€
Main ingredient of your choosing, salad mix, baby-spinach, cucumber, half dried cherry
tomato, marinated red onion, sweet potato, honeyroasted sunflower seed, herb oil

Choose main ingredient:
Grilled chicken(M+G)
Marinated scampi (M+G)
Grilled goat cheese (VL+G)

Pomegranate and breadcheese salad 15€
With roasted walnut and passion vinaigrette

Spaghetti Carbonara (L+VS) 16€

Spaghetti with roasted sweet paprika, basil and parmesan cheese (L+VS) 14,50€

Scampi and avocado pasta with dried cherry tomatoes (L+VS) 17€
Rummo spaghetti, grated lemon and parmesan cheese.

Pizza rustic

Mozzarella, tomato, baby spinach, green pesto 14€

Salami-Milano, cherry tomatoes, basil oil and arugula 14,50€

Chicken-kebab, jalopeno, roasted sweet pepper and Sriracha mayonnaise, HOT! 14,50€

Chicken, feta cheese, marinated red onion, tzatziki sauce and arugula 15€

Serrano ham, mozzarella, baby-spinach, pomegranate-balsamico 15€

Cold smoked salmon, onion, dill and skagen paste 16,50€

Main course

Fire Birdie (L+G+VS) HOT! 19€
Chicken breast rolled in bacon, and stuffed with chili and cream cheese, with garlic dipper

Fried rainbow trout and tartar-sauce (L+G) 21,50€
Country style potatoes, lentil and kale fry-up.

Backyard Black & White beef tenderloin noisettes (VL+G+VS) 24€
Plank potatoes and grilled tomatoes

Backyard’s chili-cheeseburger (L+VS) 19,50€
Brioche bun, patty 100% beef, crispy bacon, pickles, marinated red onion
and chili mix, cheddar cheese, Sriracha sauce and dipperpotatoes.

Crispy chicken and bacon burger (L+VS) 18€
Brioche bun, crispy bacon, pickles, marinated red onion, cheddar cheese,
tzatziki sauce and dipper potatoes.

Backyard vegetable patty burger (L+VS) 15€
Brioche bun, crispy lettuce, pickles, beef tomato, cheddar cheese,
tzatziki sauce and dipper potatoes.

Beef chili meatballs, dark seasoning sauce (M+G+VS) 13,50€
country style potatoes, honey melon and mango salsa, aioli

The house beetroot falafel, dark seasoning sauce (M+G+VE+VS) 13,50€
country style potatoes, honey melon and mango salsa, aioli


Double chocolate Baileys trifle 6,50€

Crustless Apple Pie with vanilla ice cream and caramel sauce (L+Gluten free oats) 7,00€

Sweet platter warm mud cake, vanilla ice cream and cream puffs (VL+G) 7,50€

Ice cream ball of your selection (L+G)
One ball 3,5 € Two balls 6€, Three balls 7,5 €

Flavours: vanilla, chocolate or strawberry
Sauces: caramel, liquorice or chocolate

L=Lactose free, VL=Low in lactose, G=Gluten free, VE=Vegan, VS=contains garlic, M=dairy free

Backyard Pick lunch 10,50€
Weekdays 10:30 – 15:00

Charming buffetlunch includes three warm options, salad table and a dessert.

At least one warm vegan option every day!

Monday 21.9.2020

Meatballs in creamy Jaloviina- brandy sauce (L+G) mashed potatoes (L+G)
Saithe fillet alla milanese (M+G)
Coconut and chili marinated soy strips on a bed of wokked vegetables (M+G+VE)
Selection of cakes
and coffee or tea

Tuesday 22.9.2020

Breaded pork cutlet (M) herb seasoned butter (L+G)
Traditional beef Stroganoff (L+VS) mashed potatoes (M+G)
Warm vegetable and couscous salad with tofu and fresh coriander (M+VE)
Backyards ice cream bar (L+G) and coffee or tea

Wednesday 23.9.2020

Pork grill fillet in BBQ and cola sauce (L+G+VS) french fries (M+G)
Chinese beef sauce (M+G+VS) corn rice (M+G)
Chickpea and coconut curry (M+G+VS)
The house pancakes (L) strawberry jam (M+G) vanilla mousse (L+G)
and coffee or tea

Thursday 24.9.2020

Traditional pea soup (M+G) with chopped onion
Hanger steak with red wine sauce (M+G) roasted paprika potatoes (M+G)
Nepalese chicken tikka masala (L+G+VS) basmati rice (M+G)
Asparagus risotto alla parmesan (L+G)
Rhubarb kissel (M+G) lemon mousse (L+G)
and coffee or tea

Friday 25.9.2020

Fried salmon fillet with dill butter (L+G) thyme potato wedges (M+G)
BBQ -pork pizza with onion and fresh coriander (VL)
Self made potato, carrot and lentil patties (M+G+VS+VE) aioli (M+G+VE+VS)
Mango and pineapple quark (L+G) and coffee or tea


Hanging out with friends, backyard athmosphere and fresh drinks from the right ingredients.

See you at the bar!

From the tap

Kirkstall Virtuous
Gluten free session IPA 4,5% 0,5L 7,50€
Veltins Pils 4,8% 0,5L 7,50€
Fullers London Pride 4,7% 0,5L 8,0€
Ayinger Braüweisse wheat beer 5,1% 0,5L 8,5€
Suomenlinnan Seth Lager 4,7% 0,5L 8,00€
Magners Irish Apple Cider 4,5% 0,5L 8,00€

Bottled BEER

Helsinki Porter 5,5% 0,33L 8€
Karhu IV 5,3% 7€
Sol 4,5% 7€

Bottled cider and Long Drinks

Magners Pear cider 0,33L 4,5% 7€
Magners Berry cider 0,33L 4% 7€
Original Long Drink 5,5% 0,33L 7€
Granberry Long Drink 5,5% 0,33L 7€

Red Wine

Mancura Etnia Cabernet Sauvignon (Chile) 5,50€ / 12cl & 25€ / bottle
Beronia Crianza, (DOC Rioja, Spain) 6€ / 12cl & 28€ / bottle
Kleine Rust (South Africa) 6,50€ / 12cl & 33€ / bottle
Casa Silva 5 Cepas reserva (Chile) Vegan 8€ / 12cl & 38€ / bottle

White wine

Mancura Etnia Chardonnay (Chile) 5,50€ / 12cl & 25€ / bottle
Beronia Verdejo, (DO Rueda, Espanja) 6€ / 12cl & 28€ / bottle
Cantina di Custoza Bianco Veronese (Veneto, Italy) 6€ / 12cl & 30€ / bottle
Kleine Rust (South Africa) 6,50€ / 12cl & 33€ / bottle
Willm Riesling (France) 8€ / 12cl & 36€ / bottle
Villa Hochdörffer Pinot Blanc “Löb” (Germany) 8€ / 12cl & 38€ / bottle

Sparkling Wine

Dom Potier Cava Brut (Spain) 5€ / 12cl & 30€ / bottle
Vilarnau Piccolo (Spain) 20cl 8€

Rosé Wine

Chispas Garnacha Rose (Spain) 5€ / 12cl & 28€ / bottle
Praffel Rose Hasen (Austria) 6,50€ / 12cl & 33€ / bottle


Gin & Tonic Strawberry 9€
Backyard Mojito 8,50€
Blue Elderflower 8,50€
Piña Colada 8,50€
Watermelon margarita 8,50€
Aperol Spritz 9€
CoCo Mojito by Wilson Coffee 9,00€ (vegan option also available)
Irish Coffee 8,50€
Mint Cacao 8,50€ (vegan option also available)
Jaloviina-Chailatte 8,50€ (vegan option also available)

Alcohol free

Coca-Cola, Coca-Cola Zero, Fanta, Sprite 0,25L 2,80€
Italian Soda: Mango, Raspberry or Lime 0,5L 2,50€
Tomarchio: Blood orange or Green Mandarine 0,275L 3,30€
Sparkling water 0,5l 2€
Eazy Rider Bulldog 0,33L 0,4% 6€
Bundaberg Ginger Beer 0,33L 0% 5€
Raspberry-margarita 0% 6€
Pineapple Mojito 0% 6€
Coffee / Tea 2,50€
Latte Macchiato 4,50€
Cappuchino 4€
Americano 3,50€
Espresso 3€
Double espresso 4€
Chai Latte 4,50€

Address and opening times

Salomonkatu 1
00100 Helsinki

Mon-Wed 10:30-15:00
Tue-Fri 10:30-21:30 (the kitchen closes at 21)
Sat 15:00-21:30 (the kitchen closes at 21)


Backyard Pick is open starting from first of June.
We will continue to take enhanced care of hygiene matters and respect the instructions from the authorities.



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