Dear customers,
Backyard pick is open!
See you at lunch!
The À la carte will be open from Jan 29 onwards


Backyard Pick lunch 10,70€
Weekdays 10:30 – 15:00

Monday 18.1.2021

Avocado soup (VE+G)
Pickles & salads
Cajun-salmon (M+G+VS) crispy crushed potatoes (L+G)
Cauliflower and chickpea korma (VE +G) jasmine rice (L+G)
Yoghurt bar (L+G)
jam (V+G) peanut butter jam (M+G) merenque crumbs (VE+G)
nutmix (M+G) granola (L+G) fresh fruit salsa (VE+G)

Tuesday 19.1.2021

Smooth fennel soup with orange (VE+G)
Pickles and salads
Overcooked veal roast in lingonberry BBQ-sauce (M+G+VS) french fries (M+G)
Chili sin carne glazed sweet potato boats (VE+G) creme fraiche (L+G)
Quark bar (L+G)
Jam (V+G) peanut butter jam (M+G) blackcurrant merenque crumbs (VE+G)
Nut mix (M+G) granola (L+G) fresh fruit salsa (VE+G)

Wednesday 20.1.2021

Garlic and coconut soup (VE+G+VS)
Pickles & Salads
Butter fried lightly breaded rosefish (L+G) tar tar-sauce (M+G) lemon wedges (M+G)
Broccoli gratine (L+G) boiled potatoes (M+G)
Vegetable lasagne (L+VS)
Ice cream bar (L+G)

Thursday 21.1.2021

Ginger and carrot puree soup (VE+G)
Pickles and salads
Bacon and cheese sausage (L+G) chili and beer mayonnaise (VS) onion and potato mash (L+G)
The house tomato and sweet potato patties (L+G) chili yoghurt (L+G)
Rhubarb fry-up (VE+G) whipped cream with vanilla (L+G)


Friday 22.1.2021

Root vegetable puree soup (VE+G) fresh sweet chili salsa (VE+G)
Pickles and Salads
Spicy goatcheese, spinach, chicken stew (VL+G) grilled vegetables (M+G) rice (L+G)
Self made sweet potato falafel’s (VE) lemon tahini dip (VE+G)
The house donuts (L) Omar cream candy whipped cream (L+G)

Backyard Pick Á la Carte
From Wednesday to Friday 15-21.30,  Saturdays 15-21:30

Dear customers,
Backyard Pick À la carte is closed for the moment due to the exceptional situation.

The À la carte will be open from Jan 29 onwards


Good Vegan Junk Food

Fried vegan burger (M+inc.eggs) 15€
-fried vegan snitzel, dill cabbage slaw, sesame kewpie mayonnaise, the house lemon chutney
with roasted sesame potatoes with garlic mayonnaise

Sensational sausages (M+G+VE) 12€
-vegan sausages, roasted sesame potatoes , garlic syrup mayonnaise, tex-mex coleslaw

Hot Sensational Burger (M+VE) 15€
-hot garlic syrup, tex-mex coleslaw , chili-aioli inc. Roasted sesame potatoes with garlic mayonnaise

One for starter, many to share

Classic (VL) 8,20€
Warm flamebread with bacon, red onion and cheese

Salmon (VL) 8,50€
Warm flamebread with warm smoked salmon, dill, arugula and cheese

Kasari (M+VS) 7,50€/13,50€
Juicy tigerprawns in garlic and chili, aioli and garlic bread

Nachos plate (VL+G) 10€
Chicken kebab with tomato sauce, broad beans,mango-honey melon salsa,
jalopenos, cheddarsauce and Sriracha

Olives (M+VE+VS) 4€
Garlic bread with sundried tomatoes


Butterfly plate (L+G+VS) 12 € / person
Salami-Milano, manchego-cheese, marinated olives, chorizo sausage,
lime patatas bravas and sriracha dip.

The Sun (M+G+VE+VS) 10 € / person
The house beetroot falafel, sweet chili-pineapple, marinated olives,
antipasto vegetables, countrypotatoes and aioli.

Hedgehog (VL+G+VS) 12 € / person
Scampi skewer, artichoke, grilled goat cheese, salad mix with sunflower seeds, vine leaf roll,
patatas bravas and tzatziki.

Birdie 13,50 € / person
Chicken Two-ways, sweet potato tahini stick, salad mix with sunflower seeds, vine leaf roll,
sundried tomato, countrypotatoes, tzatziki- and Sriracha dip.

Early Birdie from 2pm till 4pm, 10,50€/person
Platter of the day with special price from 2pm till 4pm

Pasta and Salads

The house caesar (L+VS+Incl. fish with Bacon 6€/11€
with Tiger prawn or with Grilled chicken fillet 9€/16,50€

Country style salad (M+G) 15€
Main ingredient of your choosing, salad mix, baby-spinach, cucumber, half dried cherry
tomato, marinated red onion, sweet potato, honeyroasted sunflower seed, herb oil

Choose main ingredient:
Grilled chicken(M+G)
Marinated scampi (M+G)
Grilled goat cheese (VL+G)

Pomegranate and breadcheese salad 15€
With roasted walnut and passion vinaigrette

Spaghetti Carbonara (L+VS) 16€

Spaghetti with roasted sweet paprika, basil and parmesan cheese (L+VS) 14,50€

Scampi and avocado pasta with dried cherry tomatoes (L+VS) 17€
Rummo spaghetti, grated lemon and parmesan cheese.

Pizza rustic

Mozzarella, tomato, baby spinach, green pesto 14€

Salami-Milano, cherry tomatoes, basil oil and arugula 14,50€

Chicken-kebab, jalopeno, roasted sweet pepper and Sriracha mayonnaise, HOT! 14,50€

Chicken, feta cheese, marinated red onion, tzatziki sauce and arugula 15€

Serrano ham, mozzarella, baby-spinach, pomegranate-balsamico 15€

Cold smoked salmon, onion, dill and skagen paste 16,50€

Main course

Fire Birdie (L+G+VS) HOT! 19€
Chicken breast rolled in bacon, and stuffed with chili and cream cheese, with garlic dipper

Fried rainbow trout and tartar-sauce (L+G) 21,50€
Country style potatoes, lentil and kale fry-up.

Backyard Black & White beef tenderloin noisettes (VL+G+VS) 24€
Plank potatoes and grilled tomatoes

Backyard’s chili-cheeseburger (L+VS) 19,50€
Brioche bun, patty 100% beef, crispy bacon, pickles, marinated red onion
and chili mix, cheddar cheese, Sriracha sauce and dipperpotatoes.

Crispy chicken and bacon burger (L+VS) 18€
Brioche bun, crispy bacon, pickles, marinated red onion, cheddar cheese,
tzatziki sauce and dipper potatoes.

Backyard vegetable patty burger (L+VS) 15€
Brioche bun, crispy lettuce, pickles, beef tomato, cheddar cheese,
tzatziki sauce and dipper potatoes.

Beef chili meatballs, dark seasoning sauce (M+G+VS) 13,50€
country style potatoes, honey melon and mango salsa, aioli

The house beetroot falafel, dark seasoning sauce (M+G+VE+VS) 13,50€
country style potatoes, honey melon and mango salsa, aioli


Double chocolate Baileys trifle 6,50€

Crustless Apple Pie with vanilla ice cream and caramel sauce (L+Gluten free oats) 7,00€

Sweet platter warm mud cake, vanilla ice cream and cream puffs (VL+G) 7,50€

Ice cream ball of your selection (L+G)
One ball 3,5 € Two balls 6€, Three balls 7,5 €

Flavours: vanilla, chocolate or strawberry
Sauces: caramel, liquorice or chocolate

L=Lactose free, VL=Low in lactose, G=Gluten free, VE=Vegan, VS=contains garlic, M=dairy free

Address and opening times

Salomonkatu 1
00100 Helsinki

Dear customers,
We will open from 7th of December onward!
See you at lunch!

Mon-Fri 10:30-15:00


Dear customers,
We will open from 7th of December onward!
See you at lunch! The À la carte will be open from Jan 29 onwards



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