Backyard Pick is fresh platters, treats from the grill, pizza, backyard athmosphere and drinks from real fresh incredients, sunny terrace next to Amos Rex at Kamppi and a charming lunch on weekdays.

We’ll see you on Backyard Pick!


Backyard Pick Á la Carte
From Tuesday to Friday 15-21  Saturdays 12-21

Backyard Pick’s evenings are made of fresh platters, treats from the grill, pizza and much more!

Enjoy it all in a homey backyard spirit!

Olives (M+VE+VS) 4€
Garlic bread with sundried tomatoes

Scampi pan (M+VS) 7,50€/13,5€
Scampi in garlic and chili brine, aioli and garlic bread

The House Caesar salad (L+VS+Incl. fish) with Bacon 6€/11€
Scampi or grilled chicken breast 9€/16,50€

Country style salad (M+G) 15€
Stuffing of your selection, green salad, baby-spinach, cucumber, half-dried cherry tomatoes, marinated red onion,sweet potato, honeyroasted sunflower seeds, herb oil
Select a stuffing:
Grilled chicken (M+G)
Marinated scampi (M+G)
Grilled goatcheese (VL+G)

Fire Birdie (L+G+VS) 19€
Bacon wrapped, chili and cream cheese stuffed chicken breast,
with garlic butter dipperpotatoes. Hot!

Beef tenderloin noisettes, redwine and sage seasoned butter (L+G+VS) 22€
PLank potatoes and grilled tomatoes.

Backyard’s chili-cheeseburger (L+VS) 19,50€
Brioche bun, patty 100% beef, crispy bacon, pickle slices,
marinated red onion and chili, cheddarcheese, sriracha sauce and dipperpotatoes.

Pizza Rustic

Mozzarella, tomato, baby spinach, green pesto 13,50€

Salami-Milano, cherry tomatoes, basil oil and arugula 14,20€

Chicken, fetacheese, marinated red onion, tzatziki and arugula 14,80€

Backyard Special ** Chicken tikka masala pizza 14,80 €
Cold smoked salmon, onion, dill and skagenpaste 15,50€


Sweet platter kindercake, vanilla ice cream and cream puffs (VL+G) 7,50€

Backyard Pick lunch 10,50€
Weekdays 10:30 – 15:00

Charming buffetlunch includes three warm options, salad table and a dessert.

At least one warm vegan option every day!

Monday 3.8.2020

Beef minute steaks in red wine sauce (M+G) french fries (M+G)
Do-it-yourself BBQ pulled beef hot dog (L) creme fraiche with chives (L+G)
Lentil vegetable stew in tomato sauce (M+G+VE+VS)
Selection of cakes
Coffee / tea

Tuesday 4.8.2020

Beef lasagne (VL+VS)
Nepalese chicken korma (M+G+VS) basmati rice (M+G)
Colorful vegetable quinoa with fresh spinach (M+G+VE)
Backyard’s ice cream bar
Coffee / tea

Wednesday 5.8.2020

Do-it-yourself burger (L+100% beef patty) sriracha-mayonnaise (M+G)
Cheddar sauce (VL+G) marinated red onion (M+G) pickled cucumber (M+G)
french fries (L+G)
Backyards sausage mix and caramelized onion (L+G)
Sweet potato and chickpea patty (M+G+VE)
The house pancakes (L) strawberry jam (M+G) vanilla mousse (L+G)
Coffee / tea

Thursday 6.8.2020

Self made cheese meatballs in creamy rose pepper sauce (L+G) mashed potatoes (L+G)
Spaghetti carbonara alla parmesan (L)
Pesto stuffed oven tomatoes (M+G+VE)
Raspberry kissel (M+G) vanilla mousse (L+G)
Coffee / tea

Friday 7.8.2020

Broiled salmon fillet with dill butter (L+G) rosemary potato wedges (M+G+VE)
Backyards meaty Pyttipannu potato fry-up with fried egg (M+G+VS)
Fennel and spinach empanadillas (L)
The house tiramisu (L)
Coffee / tea


Hanging out with friends, backyard athmosphere and fresh drinks from the right ingredients.

See you at the bar!

From the tap

Kirkstall Virtuous
Gluten free session IPA 4,5% 0,5L 7,50€
Veltins Pils 4,8% 0,5L 7,50€
Fullers London Pride 4,7% 0,5L 8,0€
Ayinger Braüweisse wheat beer 5,1% 0,5L 8,5€
Suomenlinnan Seth Lager 4,7% 0,5L 8,00€
Magners Irish Apple Cider 4,5% 0,5L 8,00€

Bottled BEER

Helsinki Porter 5,5% 0,33L 8€
Karhu IV 5,3% 7€
Sol 4,5% 7€

Bottled cider and Long Drinks

Magners Pear cider 0,33L 4,5% 7€
Magners Berry cider 0,33L 4% 7€
Original Long Drink 5,5% 0,33L 7€
Granberry Long Drink 5,5% 0,33L 7€

Red Wine

Mancura Etnia Cabernet Sauvignon (Chile) 5,50€ / 12cl & 25€ / bottle
Beronia Crianza, (DOC Rioja, Spain) 6€ / 12cl & 28€ / bottle
Kleine Rust (South Africa) 6,50€ / 12cl & 33€ / bottle
Casa Silva 5 Cepas reserva (Chile) Vegan 8€ / 12cl & 38€ / bottle

White wine

Mancura Etnia Cabernet Sauvignon (Chile) 5,50€ / 12cl & 25€ / bottle
Beronia Verdejo, (DO Rueda, Espanja) 6€ / 12cl & 28€ / bottle
Cantina di Custoza Bianco Veronese (Veneto, Italy) 6€ / 12cl & 30€ / bottle
Kleine Rust (South Africa) 6,50€ / 12cl & 33€ / bottle
Willm Riesling (France) 8€ / 12cl & 36€ / bottle
Villa Hochdörffer Pinot Blanc “Löb” (Germany) 8€ / 12cl & 38€ / bottle

Sparkling Wine

Dom Potier Cava Brut (Spain) 5€ / 12cl & 30€ / bottle
Vilarnau Piccolo (Spain) 20cl 8€

Rosé Wine

Chispas Garnacha Rose (Spain) 5€ / 12cl & 28€ / bottle
Praffel Rose Hasen (Austria) 6,50€ / 12cl & 33€ / bottle


Gin & Tonic Strawberry 9€
Backyard Mojito 8,50€
Blue Elderflower 8,50€
Piña Colada 8,50€
Watermelon margarita 8,50€
Aperol Spritz 9€
CoCo Mojito by Wilson Coffee 9,00€ (vegan option also available)
Irish Coffee 8,50€
Mint Cacao 8,50€ (vegan option also available)
Jaloviina-Chailatte 8,50€ (vegan option also available)

Alcohol free

Coca-Cola, Coca-Cola Zero, Fanta, Sprite 0,25L 2,80€
Italian Soda: Mango, Raspberry or Lime 0,5L 2,50€
Belvoir: Organic Eldenflower or Ginger 0,25L 5€
Tomarchio: Blood orange or Green Mandarine 0,275L 3,30€
Sparkling water 0,5l 2€
Eazy Rider Bulldog 0,33L 0,4% 6€
Bundaberg Ginger Beer 0,33L 0% 5€
Raspberry-margarita 0% 6€
Pineapple Mojito 0% 6€
Coffee / Tea 2,50€
Latte Macchiato 4,50€
Cappuchino 4€
Americano 3,50€
Espresso 3€
Double espresso 4€
Chai Latte 4,50€

Address and opening times

Salomonkatu 1
00100 Helsinki

Mon-Wed 10:30-15:00
Tue-Fri 10:30-21:00 (the kitchen closes at 20:30)
Sat 12:00-21:00 (the kitchen closes at 20:30)


Backyard Pick is open starting from first of June.
We will continue to take enhanced care of hygiene matters and respect the instructions from the authorities.



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