We are open!
We have opened a lovely brand new restaurant at Salomonkatu 1, next to Narinkkatori and Amos Rex. Get ready for relaxed backyard athmosphere and a terrace at the center of the city.
You are warmly welcome to enjoy Backyard Pick’s sparkling athmosphere, and fresh drinks! 🍾

Backyard Pick Á la Carte
Weekdays 15-22  Saturdays 12-22

Backyard Pick’s evenings are made of fresh platters, treats from the grill, pizza and much more!

Enjoy it all in a homey backyard spirit!

Flame wood, one for starters, many to share

Classic 8,20€
Warm crispy flame bread with bacon, red onion and cheese

Salmon 8,50€
Warm crispy flame bread with cold smoked salmon, dill, arugula and cheese

Reindeer 8,80€
Warm crispy flame bread with cold smoked reindeer and breadcheese

Vegetarian 8,20€
Warm crispy flame bread with beetroot, brie and spinach 


Butterfly plate12 € / person
Serrano, manchego, half dry cherry tomatoes, ginger patatas bravas, chili meatballs, mojo sauce, aioli

The Sun (vegan) 10 € / person
Vegan nuggets, cucumber, carrot, sweet pepper, dried cherry tomatoes, olives, vegetable croquet, lime-ginger stripe, chipotle mayonnaise.

Hedgehog  12 € / person
Olives, artichoke, halloumi, sun-dried tomatoes, chorizo, ginger patatas bravas,mojo sauce, aioli.

Birdie, 13,50 € / person
Chicken fillet, crunchy chicken, onion rings, roasted kale, fresh pineapple, dipper potatoes with garlic oil, ranch mayonnaise, mojo sauce

Early birdie platter 14-16, 10,50€ / person
Special platter of the day during the Early Birdie hours


Bread table 2,50€ / for a side order,  only bread table 7,50€
days selection of breads (3-4 different), days selection of pastes/spreads (3-4 different) 




All portions available without garlic!

Crispy BBQ pork belly (L+G+VS)  19,50€
Country style potatoes with garlic butter, the house coleslaw salad and caramelized borettanes

Fire Birdie (L+G+VS) 18,50€
Chicken breast stuffed with chili and cream cheese with garlic butter dipper potatoes.

Backyard burger of your choice:
beef, chicken or vegetarian patty 19,00€
Brioche bun, pear chutney, bacon, mix of three cheeses, ranch-mayonnaise, garlic butter dipper potatoes and mojo dip.
Vegan burger also available.

House fish & chips (M+VS) 20,00€
Mushy peas, the house tartarsauce, country style garlic butter fries and a lemon wedge.

Pizza rustic or rye crust of your choosing

Salami, fresh spinach, mozzarella 14,20€

Serrano ham, sun dry tomatoes, basil 14,80€

Fresh tomatoes, backyard pesto, arugula 13,50€

Vegan chicken, pineapple, fresh spinach  (vegan) 14,20€

Cold smoked salmon, onion, dill, skågen paste 15,50€

Pork belly, pear chutney 14,20€

Chicken, goatcheese, BBQ-sauce 14,20€

Grilled vegetables, Baba ganoush, arugula 13,50€


Flamewood sweets

Warm crispy flame bread with apple, pecan and vanilla sauce (VL) 8,50€

Warm crispy flame bread with green marmalade and brie cheese (VL) 8,50€

Warm crispy flame bread with strawberry, pistachio and vanilla sauce (VL) 8,50€

Other sweets:

Blackcurrant posset (L+G) 6,50€

Warm apple pie with vanilla ice cream and vanilla sauce (L+G) 7,50€

Flower field platter (VL)  8,50€ manchego, warm camembert, port salud (åland), strawberry, fig, grapes, ritz, jam
The house jam; redcurrant or blackcurrant.

Kids menu

Chicken fillet BBQ and french fries 10€

Fish&chips 10€

Kids Meatballs, mashed potatoes, creamy gravy 10€

Kids hamburger, french fries 12€
Also available with cheese (VL+G)

Backyard Pick lunch 10,40€
Weekdays 10:30 – 15:00

Charming buffetlunch includes three warm options, salad table and a dessert.

At least one warm vegan option every day!

Monday 20.5.2019

Broiled asian salmon (M+G+VS)
Spicy turmeric rice (M+G+VE)
Turmeric Gordon Bleu (VL) smokey paprika dip (M+G+VE)
Lentil, cauliflower and broccoli fry-up with arugula (M+G+VE)
Colourful tomato ratatouille with button mushrooms (M+G+VS+VE)
Mango quark with fresh mushrooms (L+G)

Tuesday 21.5.2019

Beef and cheese meatballs with thyme and black currant sauce (VL+G)
colourful root vegetable and potato fry-up (M+G+VE)
Spinach and feta stuffed nordic flounder fillet with dill and citrus vinaigrette (VL)
Grilled vegetables with halloumi cheese (VL+G)
Tomato and black bean and paprika pasta with fresh basil (M+VE+VS)
Chicken and pineapple pizza (VL)
Backyard ice cream bar (VL)

Wednesday 22.5.2019

Do-it-yourself Tex-Mex burger (M)
Beef steak (M+G) dipper potatoes (M+G+VE)
Avocado and tomato salsa (M+G+VS+VE) nachos (M+G+VE)
marinated chili and red onion (M+G+VE) cheddar sauce (VL+G)
Chicken fillet in curry cream sauce (L+G+VS) corn rice (M+G)
Vegetable patties (M+VE) herb dip (M+G+VE)
Roasted beetroot wedges with pumpkin seeds (M+G+VE)
Mettwurst pizza (VL)
Selection of cakes (VL) and vanilla sauce (VL+G)

Thursday 23.5.2019

Traditional peasoup(M+G) and onion
Selection of raw sausages (reindeer bratwurst, chorizo and saslik) (M+G+VS)
Spring onion and mashed poatoes (L+G)
Mexican taco- and beef burritos (M+VS)
guacamole mayonnaise (M+G+VE)
Cabbage of three cabbages and goat cheese (VL+G)
Härkis and rye rice fry-up with fresh vegetables (M+VE)
Pancakes (L) the house strawberry jam (M+G) vanilla mousse (L+G) and coffee/tea

Friday 24.5.2019

Breaded pork cutlet (M) herb butter (L+G) lemon wedge (M+G+VE)
Mashed sweet potatoes and potatoes (L+G)
Lemon salmon and tiger prawn risotto with saffron (L+G+VS)
Vegan tofu and vegetable pasta with oatcream (M+VE)
Melanzane alla parmigiana (VL+G+VS)
Mini donut (VL)


Hangin out with friends, backyard athmosphere and fresh drinks from the right ingredients.

See you at the bar!

From the tap

Easy Jack IPA 4,5% 7€/0,5l, 6€/0,4l, 3€/0,2l
Veltins Pils 4,8% 6,5€/0,5l, 5,5€/0,4l. 2,8€/0,2l
Fuller´s London Pride 4,1% 7€/0,5l, 6€/0,4l, 3€/0,2l
Magners Original Irish Cider 4,5% 7€/0,5l, 6€/0,4l, 3€/0,2l


Orginal Gin 5,5% 0,33l 6,5€
Crowmoor 0,33l 6,5€

Suomenlinna brewery

Piper White 0,33l 4,7% 8€
Seth Lager 0,33l 4,7% 8€
Hki Porter 0,33l 5,6% 8€

Alcohol free

Tomarchio 37cl 3,2€ Blood orange, Orange, Green mandarine, Lemonade, Cedrata lemonade.
Belvoir 250ml 5€ Organic elderflower, Organic ginger, Organic lemon drink
Coca-cola 250ml 2,3€  Coca-Cola and Coca-Cola Zero
Fanta Orange 250ml 2,3€
Redbull 250ml 4,0€
Bundaberg ginger beer 375ml 4,5€
Veen Nordic 200ml 3,0€ Tonic, Ginger Ale, Bitter Lemon
Italian soda 2,50€ Mango, Raspberry, Blackcurrant, Redcurrant, Lime, or Orange
Water as an only purchase 0,5€
Coffee 2,2€
Tea 2,20€
Latte 4€
Cappuccino 3,8€
Americano 3,5€
Espresso 3€
Double espresso 4€
Hot chocolate 3,80€


Sparkling wine

Dom Potier Cava Brut
30€/bottle, 5,0€/12cl

Vilarnau Rose Delicat Organic

Vilarnau Cava Brut Piccolo
8€ /20cl      

White wine

Kleine Rust White
28€/bottle,  6,5€/12cl, 7,5€/16cl, 9,5€/24cl

Solanera Sauvignon blanc
 22 €/bottle, 5,0€/12cl, 7,0€/16cl, 9,0€/24cl

Spier Discover Medium Sweet
30€/bottle, 7,5€/12cl, 8,7€/16cl, 10,5€/24cl

Willm Riesling
36 €/bottle, 8,0€/12cl, 10€/16cl, 13,0€/24cl 

Rosé wine

Chispas Rosade
22€/bottle, 5,0€/12cl, 7,0€/16cl, 9,0€/24cl

Rose Hasen
28€/bottle, 6,5€/12cl, 7,5€/16cl, 9,5€/24cl

Red wine

Kleine Rust Red
28€/bottle, 6,5€/12cl, 7,5€/16cl, 9,5€/24cl

Solanera Cabernet Sauvignon
22€/bottle, 5,0€/12cl,  7,0€/16cl, 9,5€/24cl

Spier Discover Red
 30€/bottle, 7,5€/12cl, 8,5€/16cl, 10,5€/24cl

Marqué de Murrieta Reserva2013
53 €/bottle

Backyard Pick Drinks

Sparkling Cloud 10€
Sparkling wine 12cl, cloudberry 4cl, tonic

Backyard Jacuzzi 12€
Peach vodka 4cl, rosewine 12cl, limejuice, Tomarchio Green mandarine lemonade

Blue Elderflower 8,50€
Blueberryliquer 4cl, elderflowersoda, mintleaf, ice

Backyard Damage-Cranberry 8,00€
Cranberryjuice, cranberryliquire 2cl, Koskenkorva 2cl, Cranberry

Redcurrantmojito 8,50€
Rhum 4cl, crushed ice, lime, mint leafs, sodawater, sugar

Cranberry Moctail 6€
Cranberryjuic, iced cranberry

Blood orange Moctail 6€

Tomarchio Blood orange lemonade with Belvoir lemonsoda and ice

Address and opening times

Salomonkatu 1
00100 Helsinki

Mo-Fri 10:00-22:00 (the kitchen closes at 21:30)
Sat 12:00-22:00 (the kitchen closes at 21:30)


Tel. 010 2053217

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